Keep Animals & Pests Away From Your Yard and Garden With Our Solar Animal Repellent

" Bought 4 of these ultrasonic repellants to deter my neighbor's dog from doing its business on my lawn. They work like magic and keep dogs away"- Larry J.

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  • Effective PIR Motion Sensor Covers 110-Degree Radius 30ft

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  • Cost-effective solution for animal control compared to other methods.

  • 5 Hours Solar Charger Lasts Around 4 Days 

The solar animal ultrasonic repeller is equipped with a built-in PIR motion sensor that can detect small motions within a 110-degree radius and up to 30 feet away.

This motion-activated product is the perfect solution for keeping squirrels and other unwanted critters away from your property. Delivering 2.5 seconds of ultrasonic waves, the product emits sound waves at a frequency that is only audible to animals, so your property will stay protected without causing them any harm.

  • Solar Animal Repeller is environmentally friendly and does not produce any toxic fumes or gases.

  • Long Range: Solar Animal Repeller has a long range of coverage and can detect animals up to 20 feet away.

  • Weatherproof: Solar Animal Repeller is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor use.

  • Motion Activated: Solar Animal Repeller is equipped with a motion sensor that detects any movement within the detection area, triggering the sound waves to drive the animals away.

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What is the radius or area that this device can cover?

The angel that this device covers is around 110 degree and the covered radius is around 26-30 ft which depends on the size of the animals.

How much area it can protect and what's the list of animals effectively repels? Is it effective for snakes as well?

The effective range of the device: 8-9 meters (about 30 feet). Detection angle: 110 degrees horizontally. Good positive feedback on cats, dogs, rabbits, mice, birds, deer, squirrels, raccoons, foxes and other animals. Since snakes are crawling animals, they are short and difficult to trigger equipment, so they may not be effective.

Will solar panels charge under indirect sunshine or artificial light?

Also repellent should be installed in direct sunlight.

Yes, you can connect your device to the power constantly. Just please remove the batteries from the battery compartment.

In terms of repelling flies, this product is professional! When the repeller starts to work, it will create a protected area for your house to isolate pests, the pests in this area will be driven away, and the outside pests will not be able to enter!

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Solar Powered Ultrasonic Animal & Pest Repellant: Safe and Effective
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